No more partner scouting.
LuxFlat is the relocation companies’ #1 choice

As a LuxFlat partner, relocation companies get to have exclusive access to our database of luxury apartments. You save time and your clients stay happy.

First time hearing about LuxFlat?

Here are some facts about us.

  • Our mission is to push the boundaries of “the perfect stay” and make it better;
  • We focus on building a partnership based on trust and transparency;
  • Your client’s peace of mind is our top priority. 
open space living room with kitchen in one short term rentals Luxembourg

How LuxFlat can help relocation companies find housing in Luxembourg

You get access to our short term rentals database.

Easy book an apartment that fits your client’s needs and taste.

Check the availability of the apartments directly from the platform.

All apartments are fully-serviced with dedicated working area, mailbox and in-unit laundry.

Best luxury corporate housing options in Luxembourg’s most iconic areas.

We offer full service and assistance for your clients during the whole stay period.

Benefits of working with us as a relocation management company

  • You don’t have to do the hard work searching. We’ll be doing this for you by offering access to our database of corporate apartments.
  • You’ll be saving precious time. So you can focus on what’s more important. Like landing more clients.
  • Manage the bookings with ease, directly from the platform, and see everything at a glance. 
  • LuxFlat is offering local service and assistance for your relocating clients. 

Take a glimpse at the available corporate apartments for relocation companies

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