Maximise your rental income and let us handle the rest!

From revenue sharing to standard leasing agreements, we manage the entire process end to end so you can maximise your rental income.

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Why LuxFlat?
Higher rental revenue by servicing your properties to International corporate clients based in LuxembourgLuxembourg
Benefits to assets and property managers:

✨ Increase your yield by up to 30%;

✨ Reduce your operating expenses;

✨ Premium corporate client tenants;

✨ Weekly cleaning and maintenance check of your flats;

✨ Transparency, with no commission or hidden fees;

✨ Access to our online property partners portal with live updates on generated revenue.

Some of our Corporate Clients who trust us:
Here’s just a few of the properties that we operates on behalf of partners like yours!
What some of our properties partners are saying:

I dont find the words to share the good feelings I have for LuxFlat. I really wish them the very best and I recommend them

Niv. DOwner

LuxFlat is the ‘perfect tenant.’ My properties are always in impeccable condition, they pay on time, and the professional profile of their tenants makes me feel 100% assured. Fully recommended!

Philippe. COwner.

LuxFlat gives us peace of mind that our units will be rented and maintained. This eases the workload on our own team.

Thierry. BProperty Manager
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Why should work with LuxFlat? What makes LuxFlat different?

LuxFlat will be your perfect partner. We expedite your lease-up, and reduce your operating expenses. Depending on the collaboration model you chose, we can increase your yield by up to 30%. We achieve this by working exclusively with multinational companies who are looking for premium serviced flats for their senior managers moving to Luxembourg.

What are the differents ways I can collaborate with LuxFlat?

Luxflat offers 2 collaborations models:
a) normal lease agreement where LuxFlat will be your tenant;
b) revenue sharing agreement, where we share the revenues generated by your flat, 80% for you, 20% for LuxFlat. Historically with the revenue sharing agreement our property managers increased their yield by 30%.

Under a revenue sharing agreement, Does LuxFlat guarantee a minimum monthly revenue ?

We only guarantee a monthly revenue under the lease agreement model. Having said that, our occupancy rate for all our flats for the last 24 months (although Covid-19 period) has been above 95% and all our property managers increased their yearly income by an average of 32% compared to what they used to generate under standard lease agreements.

Under a revenue sharing agreement, how can I audit the revenues LuxFlat generates on my properties?

You will receive access to Partners Portal, which gives you real-time data documenting revenue, and performance of all your units managed by LuxFlat.

How long will LuxFlat rent my property for?

Our aim is to hold each property for at least three years; our minimum contract duration is 1 year.

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