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How to choose a neighborhood when
you relocate to Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is one of the official capitals of the European Union and one of its financial and tech hubs. Almost half its population comes from abroad to be employed in one of the European institutions or the financial sector. If you are relocating to Luxembourg, you are faced with the dilemma of finding a new home in a market famous for its scarcity and its high prices. Given the strict regulations that come with long-term rentals in Luxembourg, your best choice is to settle first in a corporate serviced apartment in Luxembourg City, in an area close to your place of business. Here are a few tips on the most desirable neighborhoods of Luxembourg City and how to choose the one that works best for you.

What to look for in a neighborhood

If you are relocating to Luxembourg for a job, you need to look for accommodation in one of the central districts, close to the financial and political heart of the city. Although at first glance the city centre seems to be a landscape of skyscrapers, you can find here many leafy neighborhoods, with rows of classical buildings situated on tranquil lanes. A good neighborhood for corporate housing needs to have easy access to shops, cafés, restaurants, gyms, and parks. If you relocate to Luxembourg with your kids, you need to consider what schools and kindergartens you can find in that area. Luxembourg City has many international schools but also schools that offer teaching in one or all of the national languages: German, French, and Luxembourgish. Check in advance if the neighborhood in which you want to settle has an international school, with classes taught in English.

Top neighborhoods for corporate housing in Luxembourg

There are several districts in central Luxembourg City where you can find all these amenities, namely Kirchberg, Belair, Limpertsberg, Ville Haute, and Gare. You can even venture outside the City Centre, in the southern quarters of Cloche d’Or and Gasperich.

Kirchberg– is the financial, institutional, and cultural heart of Luxembourg City. It has a mall, the Kirchberg Shopping Center, where you can find everything from shoe shops to a food court. The Philharmonie concert hall and the MUDAM, the museum of contemporary art, are also located here. If you want to keep fit you can do it at the d’Coque, with its impressive Olympic-size swimming pool, or go to one of the many fitness centers in the neighborhood. Kirchberg is unique in the multitude of international schools that are located here that offer classes taught in English from primary school to university level. Choose your Luxembourg short-term apartment in this neighborhood and you will be well equipped to start your new life in the Duchy

Belair- is one of the most tranquil districts of Luxembourg City. Rows of ritzy family homes with gardens make this quarter one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city. Renting a corporate apartment in Belair comes with proximity to supermarkets Lidl and Delhaise but also with a range of specialty shops, where you can pick up your bread or wine. There are several schools that have classes in English, such as the International School of Luxembourg.

Limpertsberg- is a peaceful residential neighborhood situated near Kirchberg. The district is home to many schools, some of them international, such as the Waldorf School. This district is ideal for family life, less so for shopping or going out. However, its central location and proximity to the financial quarter make it an ideal neighborhood where to choose your first corporate flat in Luxembourg.

Cloche d’Or– is one of the newest and the greenest quarters of Luxembourg City. This is a place of sleek modern architecture where you can find a vast shopping center, the Cloche d’Or. Here you can find everything from your new outfit to the ingredients on your grocery list. Renting your Luxembourg serviced apartment in this area will ensure that you enjoy all the amenities of a newly built neighborhoo

Gasperich- boasts the presence of the largest park in the city, the Parc de Gasperich, but also the biggest shopping center in the country, the Cloche d’Or, which it shares with its neighbor. The architecture of the quarter is made mainly of modern apartment buildings. All schools in this district are either French or Luxembourgish, so pupils wanting to study in English would have to commute to the neighboring quarters. Choose Gasperich for your Luxembourg corporate housing if you want to enjoy the amenities of modern architecture in a vibrant neighborhood.

These are neighborhoods that fit best the requirements of an ideal corporate flat in Luxembourg City. They are in the city center or with easy access to Kirchberg, the financial and political centre. Settle here for your first months in Luxembourg and choose a serviced apartment by as your base in the city