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Working options
for your partner


ou are relocating to Luxembourg and your partner is coming with you. You’ve got a job but he/ she hasn’t and is willing to find one. Here are some ideas about how to find a job in Luxembourg.

The job market

In spite of its small size, Luxembourg has a rich job market. Many Eu political and financial institutions are based here as well as numerous tech companies. You can find English-speaking jobs in all these domains, but some of the jobs might require a knowledge of German, French, or Luxembourgish. Read the job ad carefully Children and young adults up to the age of 30 who are not themselves insured may be co-insured with a parent who is. People retiring to Luxembourg need to get health insurance in order to recieve a residence permit. People granted non-resident tax status may not be required to make healthcare contributions but will probably be covered by the health insurance offered by their employer

Register with ADEM

You can register with ADEM (Agence pour la développement de l’emploi), the Luxembourg unemployment agency, which can help you with finding an English-speaking job.

Search online

Here are some websites that periodically post job ads:

Launch a startup

Luxembourg provides the ideal business environment for launching a startup. You will benefit from a qualified job market, institutional support, and a vast networking base. Learn more about how to get institutional support, the names of successful incubators and startup programmes, and how to start networking on Startup Luxembourg.

Working in Luxembourg

Wages in Luxembourg are among the highest in the European Union: €2,201.93 (minimum social wage) and €2,642.32 (for qualified jobs). As in the rest of the EU, the standard working week is 40 hours, but you can work a maximum of 48 hours a week. Part-time employees are paid on a pro-rata basis. Leran more about working conditions and salaries on People coming from EU states will have their qualifications automatically recognized. Those coming from non-EU states will have to apply to get their qualifications recognized.