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Accessing healthcare
in Luxembourg

Luxemborg has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe. In Luxembourg, having health insurance is mandatory. You can choose the provider of your private insurance and all providers need to have fix fees and services. Remember that the the medical emergency phone number in Luxembourg is 112.

Accessing healthcare in Luxembourg


All citizens and all residents who are employed or self employed make social security contributions and are covered, together with their family members, for basic healthcare through CNS- Luxembourg (Caisse Nationale de Santé-The National Health Fund).
After you are employed or self-employed, your employer will register your employment with the CCSS- Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale- the Joint Centre of Social Security, which will confirm your registration to the Luxembourg social security system. The CCSS will issue you with a social security card, that will also be your health card. What is covered? The insurance covers treatments by GPs and speciality doctors, hospitalization, tests, and prescriptions.

Children and young adults up to the age of 30 who are not themselves insured may be co-insured with a parent who is.

People retiring to Luxembourg need to get health insurance in order to recieve a residence permit. People granted non-resident tax status may not be required to make healthcare contributions but will probably be covered by the health insurance offered by their employer

How does it work?

The health system in Luxembourg is based on reimbursment. Reimbursments vary from 80 to 100%.
You first need to pay your medical bills than submit a reimbursment claim to the Caisse Nationale de Santé-CNS. You will be reimbursed in approximately three weeks. Certain procedures and treatments (hospital costs, pharmaceutical costs, physiotherapist costs, and laboratory costs) are settled directly between the CNS and the health provider. For these medical services, you will pay for costs not covered by the health insurance. Medical prescriptions are usually compensated by the CNS in proportion of 40%, 80% and 100%.

You can get supplementary private health insurance for those treatments that are not covered by the CNS. Private health insurance is also offered by many employers.

Choosing your doctor

In Luxembourg, you can choose your GP and specialty doctor. To avoid extra fees, make sure that your doctor is affiliated to the CNS. You can look for a GP and specialty doctor in your area by checking