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Top 8 Facebook groups to join when you move to Luxembourg

21/02/2024 by kadmin

Top 8 Facebook groups to join when
you move to Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg might be one of the smallest countries in the world but it’s also one of the richest. Many European and international institutions have their headquarters in the Duchy that also attracts professionals from banking and high tech industries. Moving to a new country requires a lot of research from those about to embark on such an adventure. Moving to Luxembourg is no different.


If you are planning to relocate to Luxembourg, you need to get up to speed with its lifestyle and culture. Also, you are probably looking for a new place to live. Joining a Facebook group can help you find your way in this new country and even make some new acquaintances. Facebook groups dedicated to expats usually function like notice boards, where you can find job offers, rentals, advice on topical problems (from how to find a school for your kids on what to wear to a wedding in Luxembourg), and a thriving market (people selling and buying things that they don’t need anymore)

Here are the top 8 Facebook groups you should join when
you plan your move to Luxembourg:

Visit Luxembourg should be your first port of call if you are one of the many professionals relocating to Luxembourg. It gives you a glimpse into the life of people who have already made Luxembourg their home. You can learn
more about how they settled into their new life and what they are getting up to in their spare time. Join this lively community and share your own adventures in the Duchy!

Just Arrived Luxembourg aims to guide people through their Luxembourg relocation. Here you can find anything from job opportunities, to real estate advice, advice on the local legal
system and how to choose your insurance, travel tips, relocation services in Luxembourg, how to start a business in Luxembourg, transportation, what’s going on in the cultural life of the city,
and much more.

Luxembourg Expats Lu is a private group with more than 40k members. The group offers all sorts of information and functions like a sort of dedicated newspaper for the expat community
in Luxembourg. It’s a meeting place, where you can get to know new people and make some friends in your new country. It’s also a marketplace, a pinboard for job adverts, as
well as a place to advertise real estate, housing and renovation posts. This is the place where you might find your new accommodation in Luxembourg, or at least get an idea about the
real estate market.

City Savvy Luxembourg styles itself as an
‘online lifestyle magazine in English’. Here you can find a trove of information that will help you to adjust and thrive in your new country. You can take the pulse of the city and learn what cafés and restaurants are all the hype at
the moment, where you can try fun activities with your kids, what exhibitions and concerts are on, get travel and sports advice, or school recommendations. If you are relocating to Luxembourg, you should definitely join this

À louer et à vendre Luxembourg LU, which stands for “For rent and for sale in Luxembourg”, is a similar group, with 8,4k members. In spite of its French name, the group has posts both in French and English and seems to be preferred by young professionals moving to Luxembourg who are looking for a place to rent. If you are a professional relocating to Luxembourg, it’s definitely worth a look.

International Ladies in Luxembourg is a public group that reunites more than 2k members. Here you can find posts about every imaginable topic: job ads, parenting classes, activities for kids, school recommendations, gym and sports tips. You can also find the odd rental ad, which might be helpful when you prepare your move and are looking to rent a furnished apartment in Luxembourg.

The Lux Life has as its main purpose to ‘review all the things to do, buy, and eat in Luxembourg’, so this is the place where you can find recommendations for restaurants, dental practices, gift shops, beauty salons, book clubs, hotels, but also advice about schools and parenting. Definitely worth a look if you are relocating to Luxembourg.

What’s On for Kids is the online community you need to join if you are relocating to Luxembourg with kids. Here you can find school and kindergarten recommendations, information about camps and kids sports, or simply get some ideas about what to do with your kids for a fun weekend.


Most of these groups are joined by people who are looking for apartments for rent in Luxembourg City. Here you can find something for all pockets, from shared apartments to high-end corporate serviced flats in Luxembourg City. If you are a professional relocating to Luxembourg, you might need to find a short-term, serviced accommodation for your first months in Luxembourg. Getting a fully serviced apartment in Luxembourg with would allow you to settle in your job and start looking for your new home in the Duchy. So, join one of these groups and prepare for your move to Luxembourg and the adventure of finding a new home and forging a new life.