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How to choose your
temporary serviced apartment

Luxembourg is an ideal country for outdoor activities and has plenty of sports centres to keep you fit in inclement weather. Your fitness level notwithstanding, you will find something to suit your needs and expectations. From hiking and climbing to golfing and biking, Luxembourg’s fabled landscapes invite you to spend time outdoors and exercise.

You might also be tempted to try something unexpecting, like paragliding, flying hot-air balloons, or taking flying lessons. Skating enthusiasts can try their skills in one of Luxembourg’s many skate parks and skating rings.

Choose a Neighborhood

If you are relocating to Luxembourg for work, chances are that your place of business will be located in the central districts of Luxembourg City, such as Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, Ville Haute, Gare or Cloche d’Or

The Tenancy Agreement

Kirchberg is the financial quarter of Luxembourg that also hosts the European Court of Justice and one of the headquarters of the European Commission. However, its skyscraper skyline hides extended residential areas, with easy access to shops, restaurants, and gyms. Kirchberg is where many of Luxembourg City’s international schools are located. Four parks and numerous playgrounds make Kirchberg one of the most pleasant areas in the city.

Limpertsberg is another central district of Luxembourg City. Choose this district for its excellent schools and the genteel atmosphere given by the rows of elegant buildings

Ville Haute and Gare are two adjacent central districts that boast some of Luxembourg City’s main attractions. Ville Haute, literally the “High City”, is the historic quarter of Luxembourg City, the Old Town, where monuments such as the Notre-Dame Palace or the Grand Ducal Palace are located.

As its name suggests, the Gare district takes its name from Luxembourg City’s main railway station. The Gare district is the most multicultural quarter of Luxembourg City where you can find a vast array of restaurants and shops.

If you want to venture out of the center, try a quiet district like Gasperich located in the south of Luxembourg City. Here you can find the biggest shopping center in the country

Cloche d’Or in another quarter you should check. One of the newest quarters in Luxembourg City, it boasts good schools and easy access to shopping centers and public transport.

All these neighbourhoods offer a range of short-term apartments for rent. Choose one that comes with full service, so that you can focus on your new job, finding a home, or a school for your kids.

Things to consider about the building and its facilities

You have to apply similar diligence when choosing your building and the flat. To help you with the selection process, make sure you have a checklist. Use this checklist to select a serviced apartment in Luxembourg that ticks the most boxes.

The first thing you should notice when approaching the building is if it’s situated in a calm neighborhood, close to shops and restaurants. Then you should check the building itself, its age, and all those facilities that are important to ensure the comfort of a short-term rental: covered parking; lift; gym; electronic keys; camera surveillance system; some sort of green space, such as a balcony, a terrace, or access to a garden.

The flat and its amenities

When it comes to the flat itself, you need to apply even higher standards. Select a flat that gives you that homely feeling, where you can relax but that can also turn into a place where you can work. The best option for professionals relocating to Luxembourg with or without a family is to rent a corporate serviced apartment. They should have standard amenities: fully furnished; fully equipped kitchen; fiber optic; cable TV and Netflix; dedicated workspace; mailbox and luggage space.

The service

Any serviced apartment in Luxembourg City worth its salt should come with: 24/7 on-call guest service; weekly housekeeping and house cleaning; conciergerie, early check-in and luggage drop. Plus, your landlord or property manager should ensure that you have the ability to register the address of the flat with the town hall (commune). You should expect that your serviced apartment comes with 24/7 check-in, be it mobile or self check-in.

For a hassle-free experience and to transition smoothly into your new working schedule and family pattern, choose the option of, an exclusive platform with a curated selection of serviced apartments in Luxembourg. It will grant you the luxury of comfortably settling into your new life without the burden of daily house chores.