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Keeping fit
in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is an ideal country for outdoor activities and has plenty of sports centres to keep you fit in inclement weather. Your fitness level notwithstanding, you will find something to suit your needs and expectations. From hiking and climbing to golfing and biking, Luxembourg’s fabled landscapes invite you to spend time outdoors and exercise.

You might also be tempted to try something unexpecting, like paragliding, flying hot-air balloons, or taking flying lessons. Skating enthusiasts can try their skills in one of Luxembourg’s many skate parks and skating rings.


To enjoy Luxembourg’s incredible nature while keeping fit, choose one of the many hiking trails in the country. Whatever your difficulty level, you will find a trail that will challenge and charm you at the same time. Try trekking the rugged paths of Mullerthal and go hiking in the region of Lake Esch-sur-Sûre. The landscape will leave you breathless both through its beauty and the strain it puts on you. Choose an itinerary that will take you hiking in regions of cultural interest. You can visit picture-perfect villages or medieval castles while facing the rewarding challenge of a hike.


Luxembourg is the dream destination for any biking enthusiast. The country is crisscrossed by over 350 miles of cycle paths and there are over 400 miles of mountain biking trails. You can explore the entire country in the saddle and visit its culturally rich regions: the vineyards of the Moselle River, the forest tracks, or take a tour of Luxembourg’s castles.

Water sports

You can find a plethora of swimming pools and spas in Luxembourg. You can end a hard week’s work with a weekend of relaxation and pampering at one of the wellness centers dotted throughout the country. If you are a seasoned swimmer or if you want to teach your children how to swim, you can visit one of the many swimming pools, some of them Olympic-size, such as the d’Coque Sports Centre in Luxembourg City. Or you can go to the outdoor pools in Vianden and Beaufort. For thermal treatments, try the spa center in Mondorf-les-Bains.

With its multitude of lakes and rivers, Luxembourg is perfectly suited to sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. The river Moselle is ideal for a variety of water sports, such as water-skiing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, and surfing. Diving and windsurfing enthusiasts should try the Rosport Reservoir and Lake Esch-sur-Sûre. Luxembourg’s many lakes and rivers have plenty of eels, pikeperch, carp, pike, and trout. They are a point of attraction for anglers who can spend hours of relaxation on their banks.


If you like riding, you can tour Luxembourg in the saddle. The country has numerous horse trekking routes that you can explore while enjoying amazing landscapes. Luxembourg is perfectly suited to accommodate horse-back tourism, with designated routes and facilities where horse and rider are taken care of. Consider horse-riding for a fun and relaxing weekend in the Luxembourg countryside.


Golf lovers will be happy in Luxembourg. With its countless golf courses, Luxembourg offers something for any keen golfer, from beginners to seasoned players. In the vicinity of Luxembourg City, at Niederanven, take out your clubs on the majestic grounds of the Golf Club Grand Ducal Senningerberg. On the contrary, if you want to get away from the bustle of the city, opt for a golfing retreat at Golf de Clervaux in the small town of Eselborn.