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Pros and cons of
Luxembourg neighborhoods

I f you relocated to Luxembourg or need to find a new place to live, you need to be diligent about getting all the necessary information about your new neighborhood. Choose your neighborhood depending on your place of business, schools available in the area, and acces to urban amenities.

Luxembourg neigborgoods by real estate costs

Real estate prices are very high in the entire country and can get really steep in Luxembourg City. In 2020, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Luxembourg City was 1,585 € and around 4000 € for a house. If you want to buy, you should bare in mind that the average price per square meter in Luxembourg City in 2021 is 9,228 €.
The most expensive districts continue to be Limperstberg, Belair, and Kirchberg. More affordable, in terms of rental prices, are the districts Gare, Hollerich, Bonnevoie-Sud, Cessange, Eich, Mühlenbach, and Weimerskirch.

Neighborhoods in and close to business districts

If you want to be close to the City Centre but you still want to enjoy the tranquility of a leafy neighbourhood with good international schools, you should choose a residential area in the districts of Limpertsberg, Belair, Merl, and Hollerich.

The districts of Cents and Hamm are also very quiet and elegant but less multicultural, mainly nhabited by Luxembourgers.

On the contrary, if you prefer a multicultural neighborhood with a vivid social life, choose the Gare, Bonnevoie-Sud, and Clausen districts. A bit further from the centre, in the Southern part of Luxembourg City, choose the Gasperich district that cobines the features of a business quarter with the amenities of a residential district. For the atmosphere of historical neighbourhoods, with many pedestrian streets, restaurants and cafés choose the districts of Ville Haute, Clausen, Grund, and Pfaffenthal.

For peace and quiet you can also choose one of the nearby towns, just outside Luxembourg City: Hesperange, Howald, Bertrange, Strassen, Mamer, Bridel, Walferdange, as well as Sandweiler and Niederanven.

Choose the neighborhood for the school

There are many international schools in Luxembourg City. The British St.George’s International School is located in the Hamm district. The European School of Luxembourg has two campuses, one in Kirchberg and the other in Mamer. Here you can study in many languages spoken in the European Union. The district of Merl has the International School of Luxembourg and several state schools. Located in Weimershof district, the Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie school offers primary and secondary classes taught in French and Luxembourgish. In the Gasperich district you can find the Lycée Vauban that offers classes in French and follows the French National Curriculum.