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Sports and Fitness for Expats in Luxembourg

As a hub for international business, Luxembourg attracts a large community of expatriates who come to work and live in the country. While moving to a new country can be exciting, it can also be challenging to adjust to a new environment and lifestyle. One way to ease the transition and promote wellbeing is through sports and fitness activities.

The purpose of this guide is to provide expats in Luxembourg with a comprehensive resource for finding and participating in sports and fitness activities. Whether you are new to Luxembourg or have been living here for a while, this guide will help you discover the different types of sports clubs, gyms, fitness centers, group fitness classes, outdoor activities, and sports events and competitions available in the country.

Best Places To Do Sports In Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers a variety of options for expats who are looking to stay active and healthy. Whether you’re into team sports, individual workouts, or outdoor activities, there are plenty of options available to you. Here are some of the best places to do sports in Luxembourg:

CK Sportcenter

CK Sportcenter is a modern sports center in Luxembourg City, offering a fully-equipped gym, fitness classes, and sports courts. Personal trainers are available, and the center is open seven days a week with various membership options. CK Sportcenter is a great option for expats looking to stay healthy and active in Luxembourg.

Cycling Paths

If you prefer cycling, Luxembourg has an extensive network of cycling routes that cover over 600 kilometers. The country’s cycling routes take you through scenic landscapes, historic towns, and picturesque villages. One of the most popular cycling routes in Luxembourg is the Vennbahn Trail. The trail covers over 125 kilometers and takes you through beautiful landscapes, dense forests, and charming villages. Another popular cycling route is the Moselle River Trail, which covers over 112 kilometers and takes you through vineyards, picturesque villages, and medieval castles.


Luxembourg is a beautiful country with a rich history and scenic landscapes. With its vast network of hiking trails, the country is a paradise for hikers. The Mullerthal region, also known as Little Switzerland, is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the country. The region features a wide range of hiking trails that cater to hikers of all skill levels. The trails wind through stunning rock formations, dense forests, and picturesque villages. The Mullerthal Trail, which is the most famous trail in the region, covers over 112 kilometers and features 3 circular routes that showcase the region’s natural beauty. Other popular hiking destinations in Luxembourg include the Ardennes, the Moselle region, and the Luxembourg plateau.

Polo Club Luxembourg

Polo Club Luxembourg is a sports complex located in Luxembourg City, offering a unique and exciting sports experience for both locals and expats. As the only polo club in Luxembourg, it offers a range of polo-related activities, including training sessions and tournaments for players of all levels. In addition to polo, the club also offers horseback riding lessons for all ages and skill levels, as well as horse leasing options for those who want to take their equestrian skills to the next level.

Golf Luxembourg

Golf Luxembourg offers a picturesque course and top-notch facilities for both beginner and experienced golfers. The club’s scenic location and well-maintained course make it a popular destination for locals and expats alike who want to enjoy a day of golfing. With various membership options available, including day passes, Golf Luxembourg is an excellent choice for golf enthusiasts in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg is home to many tennis clubs and facilities that offer both indoor and outdoor courts. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, there are plenty of options for you to practice and compete in the sport. Some popular tennis clubs in Luxembourg include the Tennis Club Luxembourg-Hamm, the Tennis Club Arquebusiers, and the Tennis Club La Fontaine. Many of these clubs offer professional coaching, tournaments, and social events, making it a great way to stay active and meet new people in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg may be a landlocked country, but it still offers a variety of water sports, including sailing. The Remerschen Lake in the southeast of the country is a popular spot for sailing enthusiasts. The lake is surrounded by a nature reserve, providing a beautiful backdrop for a day out on the water. Several sailing clubs and schools offer courses and rental services for those who want to learn or improve their skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, Luxembourg has something to offer for everyone.

Indoor Ski

The closest indoor skiing options are located in nearby countries such as SnowWorld in the Netherlands or Snowhall in France.

Les Thermes

Located in Strassen, Les Thermes is a premier fitness center and spa that offers a range of exercise classes, including yoga, pilates, and cycling. They also have an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a sauna and steam room.

Racing FC Union Lëtzebuerg

If you’re a soccer fan, Racing FC Union Lëtzebuerg is the oldest and most successful club in Luxembourg. They have several teams for different age groups and skill levels, so everyone can get involved.


Located in Kirchberg, Coque is a massive sports and leisure center that offers a wide range of facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, ice rink, and tennis courts. They also have a climbing wall and a variety of fitness classes.

Centre Aquatique de Mersch

This aquatic center in Mersch is perfect for swimming enthusiasts, with a 25-meter pool, a diving pool, and a children’s pool. They also offer aqua fitness classes and a sauna.

Luxembourg Rugby Club

For those interested in rugby, the Luxembourg Rugby Club is a great option. They have teams for men, women, and youth, as well as social events and training sessions.

Luxembourg Athletics

Luxembourg Athletics is the national athletics federation of Luxembourg, offering training and competition opportunities for runners, jumpers, and throwers of all ages and abilities.

Luxembourg Trail Runners

For those who enjoy trail running, Luxembourg Trail Runners is a community of like-minded individuals who organize regular group runs and races throughout the country.

Luxembourg Cycling Touring Club

If cycling is your thing, the Luxembourg Cycling Touring Club is a great way to get involved. They organize group rides, tours, and events throughout the year.

How To Find A Sports Clubs And Fitness Centers In Luxembourg

Engaging in sports and fitness activities can provide numerous benefits for expats. These include improved physical health, stress relief, social connections, and a sense of belonging. Additionally, participating in sports and fitness can help expats integrate into their new community and culture, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Finding a Sports Club

Luxembourg has a wide range of sports clubs available, catering to different interests and abilities. Some popular sports clubs in Luxembourg include football, rugby, basketball, tennis, swimming, and many more. When looking for a sports club, it’s important to consider your interests and abilities to find a club that fits your needs.

There are several ways to find a sports club in Luxembourg. You can search online for sports clubs, ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues, or check with your local community center. Once you have a list of potential clubs, it’s important to consider the location, cost, and facilities offered by each club.

Sports clubs are popular in Luxembourg and offer a range of activities for individuals and teams. Sports clubs can be found throughout the country, and most are open to both locals and expats. Some of the most popular sports in Luxembourg include football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

Sports clubs in Luxembourg can be classified into two main categories: amateur and professional. Amateur clubs are typically geared towards recreational players, while professional clubs cater to athletes who compete at a higher level. Additionally, some sports clubs are specific to certain age groups or genders, while others are open to anyone.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

If you prefer working out on your own or with a personal trainer, there are several gyms and fitness centers in Luxembourg to choose from. These facilities offer a range of equipment and services, including weight training, cardio machines, group fitness classes, and personal training.

To find a gym or fitness center in Luxembourg, you can search online, ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues, or check with your local community center. When choosing a gym or fitness center, it’s important to consider factors such as location, cost, equipment, and services offered.

Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated and meet new people while working out. Luxembourg has a wide range of group fitness classes available, including yoga, Pilates, Zumba, spinning, and more. These classes are typically offered at gyms, fitness centers, and community centers throughout the city.

To find a group fitness class in Luxembourg, you can search online, ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues, or check with your local gym or fitness center. When choosing a group fitness class, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of class, the instructor’s qualifications, and the location and cost of the class.

Outdoor Activities

Luxembourg’s natural landscape provides a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, running, and more. There are also several parks and green spaces throughout the city that are perfect for outdoor activities.

To find outdoor activities in Luxembourg, you can search online, ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues, or check with your local tourism office. When choosing an outdoor activity, it’s important to consider factors such as the level of difficulty, the location, and any necessary equipment or gear.

Sports Events and Competitions

Luxembourg hosts several sports events and competitions throughout the year, including marathons, triathlons, and cycling races. These events provide opportunities for athletes of all abilities to participate and compete.

To find sports events and competitions in Luxembourg, you can search online, check with your local sports club or gym, or contact the Luxembourg National Olympic Committee. When participating in a sports event or competition, it’s important to consider factors such as the level of competition, the location, and any necessary training or preparation.


Sports and fitness are an important aspect of life for expats in Luxembourg. Whether you prefer working out at a gym, participating in group fitness classes, or exploring the great outdoors, Luxembourg has something to offer. By taking advantage of the many sports and fitness opportunities available in Luxembourg, expats can improve their physical and mental well-being, meet new people, and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer.

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