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Beautifully furnished apartments for short term rent in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a short-term rental in Luxembourg?

If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Luxembourg, we’re here to help. A short-term
rental is a great way to start your search for a long-term apartment.

Why choose short-term rental in Luxembourg ?

Finding the perfect long-term rental in a good area of Luxembourg can be a difficult task.
But renting a short-term flat in Luxembourg could be perfect for you. A short-term rental will
give you enough time to find the long-term in Luxembourg that speaks to your heart.

We offer a wide range of carefully selected serviced apartments in Luxembourg available
right away.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the most expensive countries for renters. Avoid the
unnecessary stress of renting a flat in a country that you are not familiar with and choose a
short-term rental in Luxembourg.

Choosing a short-term apartments in Luxembourg will spare you the hassle of commuting.

Instead, you could walk the beautiful streets and enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Our portfolio includes furnished short-term rentals in the most desirable districts of
Luxembourg City. We offer short-term lease apartments in areas such as Kirchberg
Financial, European Parliament District, Hollerich district, the City Center and more.

Unique flats available for short term in Luxembourg

Working Area

Outdoor Area

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Our furnished short-term flats in Luxembourg include a fully equipped kitchen and outdoor area (terrace, garden, balcony). Consider renting a short-term apartment in Luxembourg, especially if you’re relocating for work and need to locate suitable housing immediately. Luxflat short-term apartments are great for remote working. The spaces can be converted into your home office. Also, we provide a professional cleaning team once a week. When you first arrive in Luxembourg, short-term rental is the ideal choice.
Take your time to discover the city, start working, find the school for your kids, and discover your favorite coffee shop. Explore the surroundings and look for your long-term accommodation in Luxembourg from the comfort of Luxflat apartments!

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We’re here to help you find the perfect short-term apartment in Luxembourg.
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