Short-term rentals in Luxembourg are the recommended option for people relocating to Luxembourg.

The Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the financial and tech hubs of Europe. Plus, many EU institutions are located in Luxembourg City.

The presence of these high-paying industries makes the Luxembourg rental market very competitive. This is, even more, the case at the higher end of the market, where people want to enjoy the best amenities for the substantial amounts they are paying for rent. However, when you first arrive in Luxembourg, you run the risk of being overwhelmed by the stress implied by a new job, finding a place to live, and, if you arrive with kids, finding a new school for them.

Of all these tasks, perhaps the most daunting is finding the right house. You want a space where you can find the comfort of your old home, a place where you can settle into your new routine. It is almost impossible to find a long-term rental that comes close to this ideal in your first weeks in Luxembourg.

The alternative is to opt for a short-term rental. is a platform where you can find a fine selection of short-term corporate apartments. All located in the most sought-after areas of Luxembourg City.

Choose one of the corporate apartments on offer. Avoid the stress of getting a long-term lease when you are not familiar with the city and its neighbourhoods. All apartments featured on the platform are fully serviced and fully furnished. This will also spare you the headache of daily chores and finding appropriate furniture at short notice.

Enjoy the freedom of choice and the flexibility offered to you by getting a short term rentals in Luxembourg.

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