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Luxury and High End Living in Paris

Paris, the city of lights, romance, and timeless elegance, offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking luxury and high end living in Paris. From its iconic landmarks and world-renowned cuisine to its sophisticated ambiance, Paris is a city that exudes charm and grandeur. For travelers who desire more than just a hotel stay, premium serviced apartments provide the perfect blend of comfort, style, and convenience.

Luxury and High End Living Serviced Apartments in Paris

La Clef Louvre Paris by The Crest Collection

Location: 8 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the illustrious Louvre Museum, La Clef Louvre Paris by The Crest Collection offers an experience steeped in luxury and culture. This residence is ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the heart of Paris while enjoying the finest accommodations.

La Clef Louvre Paris by The Crest Collection

Luxurious Amenities:

Stunning Views: Wake up to breathtaking views of the Louvre Museum and the beautiful Fountain of the Palais Royal, making your stay a visually enchanting experience.

Elegant Furnishings: Each apartment is meticulously decorated with high-end furnishings, providing a stylish and comfortable living space.

Exclusive Services: Enjoy 24-hour reception, concierge services, and a pet-friendly environment that ensures every need is met with exceptional care.

Fitness and Business Facilities: Guests can stay active at the well-equipped fitness center and attend to professional matters in the business corner.

La Clef Louvre Paris promises a stay that is both luxurious and culturally enriching, allowing guests to savor the essence of Parisian elegance.

Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysées

Location: 74 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France

For those seeking to indulge in the opulence of one of the world’s most famous avenues, Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysées offers an unparalleled luxury experience.

Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysées

Luxurious Amenities:

Prime Location: Step outside to find yourself surrounded by high-end boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and historic landmarks.

Spacious Suites: Each suite features fully furnished living spaces, complete with well-equipped kitchens, elegant bedrooms, and lavish bathrooms.

Family-Friendly Services: With amenities tailored for families, including babysitting services, this residence is perfect for those traveling with children.

Business Facilities: The apartments also offer business amenities, making it an excellent choice for corporate travelers.

Experience the grandeur of the Champs-Elysées with the luxurious accommodations and prime location of Fraser Suites Le Claridge, where every detail is designed to provide the utmost in comfort and style.

Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent

Location: 28 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris, France

Nestled in the vibrant Latin Quarter, Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern luxury. This residence is perfect for those who wish to experience the rich cultural heritage of Paris while enjoying top-tier amenities.

Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent

Luxurious Amenities:

Spa and Wellness: After a day of exploration, unwind at the luxurious spa, featuring a heated indoor pool and a range of rejuvenating treatments.

Chic Apartments: The stylishly furnished apartments come with fully equipped kitchens and comfortable living areas, providing a cozy yet sophisticated retreat.

Exceptional Service: Guests benefit from daily housekeeping, 24-hour reception, and a tranquil courtyard that offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city.

Historic Location: Situated in the Latin Quarter, the residence is surrounded by historic sites, charming cafes, and vibrant street life, making it an ideal base for cultural enthusiasts.

Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent offers a serene and luxurious haven where guests can relax and rejuvenate while being close to all the attractions Paris has to offer.

Luxury and high-end living in Paris is epitomized by these premium serviced apartments, each offering a unique blend of elegance, comfort, and prime locations. Whether you are drawn to the cultural richness of La Clef Louvre Paris, the opulent allure of Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysées, or the historic charm of Résidence & Spa Le Prince Régent, these residences promise an unforgettable stay.

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