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Enjoy more payouts and premium guests with less work

Rent your property on LuxFlat and start getting more corporate clients, longer stay periods, and a higher occupancy rate. Already renting on other platform? No worries. You can rent your property on both platforms in a synced way and get more revenue.

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Why do professional hosts choose to list on LuxFlat

Higher quality guests

As one of the leading corporate housing platforms, our clients’ database is 100% corporate which means your guests will be managers, executives, and employees of big international companies. No more worrying about your apartment’s condition once the check-out is made or neighbours complaining about a noisy weekend!.

45 days – average stay period

A LuxFlat guest stays 45 days on average with a minimum stay of 28 days. This means fewer check-ins and check-outs and more quality time to spend with your friends and family.

Premium payouts

The average stay with LuxFlat is 45 days. this means a monthly occupancy rate of 100%. With LuxFlat you say goodbye to 1 day gap here and 1 day gap there.

Some of our Corporate Clients who trust us:

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Since 2019 we created several success stories and helped many professional hosts achieve better income from their properties with less stress.

Signing up takes only 5 minutes

We are big fans of efficiency. That’s why submitting your property for rent on our platform is as easy as it can be. Before adding the listing here, make sure you:

Start having more guests and revenue faster and easier

With the LuxFlat platform you can:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Luxflat is a corporate housing platform. You can think of LuxFlat as a premium and exclusive platform for corporate housing with the benefit of: 1) higher quality guests 2) longer stay, an average of 45 days 3) premium payout. All partners that are working with us are very satisfied because a) they get more time for themselves as they have less frequents checkins and checkouts b) they have less issues with the other building’s landlords because of the guests turnover and the noise c) they have more payout d) they enjoy higher quality guests

No. You can still list your property on all the other platforms you are currently using

yes. LuxFlat calendar can be synced with most channel managers, including and not limited to: Smoobu, Siteminder, Guesty, Rental united….

LuxFlat platform is free for hosts like yours.. During the listing process you will be asked to put your desired net daily rate. LuxFlat charge corporate clients 15% on top for the services it provide which include and not limited to: platform usage, 24/7 customer line, on the ground employees assistance,…

As a host you will decide your cancelation policy when you are adding your listing. You can choose between free cancelation up to 24 hours, 14 days or 30 days before check in date

The host are covered for the furniture. We ask our Hosts to send us time stamped pictures of the property before each check in. Those pictures serve as a proof of the state of the apartment before the guest check in. Any reported and documented furniture damages, beside normal wear and tear are then covered by LuxFlat. The host is still required to have a third party property/building insurance that covers all things not related to furniture such us: flooding, fire, windows break.

Due to the high caliber of our corporate guests we register very low incident rate of damages claim (less then 0.5%).

Part of our value proposition is to reduce the workload on our hosts. As such LuxFlat teams will be the first point of contact with the guests. LuxFlat teams will then reach out to you if needed.

Hosts will always receive the guest(s) ID/Passport copy before the guest(s) check in. As per GDPR directive, LuxFlat will only be able to share the contacts details (phone number, email) that the guest(s) is/are happy to share

70% of the bookings are for a checkin date less than 30 days in the future. 30% of the bookings are for a checkin date more than 30 days in the future.

Instant booking is one of our main important feature for the corporate clients. 80% of the bookings will go through Instant booking. In case a specific corporate client search did not convert, the platform will then automatically send an enquiry to a set of host that are more likely to have an availability. Bookings through enquiries represent 20%.

We issue payment 2 times a month for each period of 15 days. The first period payout is issued 3 to 5 days after the guest check in and then following payouts are issued every 15 days .

Yes and you can decide either you want to duplicate with the photos or without the photos.

We didn’t prioritize this integration effort as it’s not really needed. Our corporate clients book for an average stay of 45 days and they usually have a predefined budget. Changing dynamically the price of few days is not what will makes our hosts win a booking. Our recommendation is to set an evergreen competitive daily rate or to define the most competitive daily rate per periods example (Jan to March, April to June, July to August, Sept to December)

professional young business team smiling at camera while working together in office

A team of expert at your service!

Through the years and thanks to our expertise we managed to establish a trust and fruitful relationship with our Landlords. Our real estate team helps our landlords realise the full potential of their existing properties and their new real estate investments by sharing tips and tricks about the latest needs and trends in corporate clients demands in Luxembourg.

100% Transparency:

Through LuxFlat partners portal you have real time access to your bookings, payouts and calendar. You are on control.