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LuxFlat Reservation Terms and Conditions

Information About Us
1.1. We are LuxFlat, Our main website is available at https://www.luxfalt.lu (“Website”).

Reservation Terms
2.1. These General Client Reservation Terms and Conditions for Reservations (“Terms”) set out the terms on which LuxFlat clients (“you”, “your”) can make reservations (“Reservations”) for our exclusive network of serviced apartments (“Apartment(s)”) by the means set out in these Terms.

3.1. Live Reservations
You may make a live Reservation for any of the available Apartments by following the process below:
3.1.1. search for an Apartment by selecting your desired location and dates of stay;
3.1.2. select your preferred Apartment from the search results provided;
3.1.3. view the current guideline charges for staying at the Apartment for the specified dates (“Apartment Charges”); and
3.1.4.  make payment of the Apartment Charges via a secure payment page linked to the Website

General Reservations
4.1. You may also initiate a Reservation enquiry on our Website by:
4.1.1. an email reservation enquiry via info@luxflat.lu ;
4.1.2. a telephone reservation enquiry via the contact details set out at /enquiry/;
4.1.3. instant messaging services (such as WhatsApp).
(“General Reservation Enquiry”)
4.2. Upon receiving a General Reservation Enquiry, we will endeavour to respond with a range of suitable Apartment suggestions that meet your requirements, including details of:
4.2.1. the availability of Apartments in your desired location for the dates of your stay;
4.2.2. the Apartment Charges and cancellation terms
4.3. (“Apartment Suggestions”)
4.4. If we are unable to offer any suitable Apartment Suggestions we will inform you accordingly.
4.5. Once we have received your email confirmation to proceed with a Reservation, we will endeavour to make that Reservation.
4.6. Your Reservation will be subject to:
4.6.1 your payment of the Apartment Charges via a secure payment page or bank transfer (unless we have agreed a separate credit account with you).
4.7. Once payment of the Apartment Charges has been taken:
4.7.1. the Reservation will be confirmed;

Additional Reservation Provisions
5.1. Please note that all Reservations for Apartments are subject to availability.
5.2. In the event that we have not been able to make your Reservation, we will notify you and suggest suitable alternative Apartments.
5.3. If you do not receive a confirmation email with an Apartment Reservation Confirmation, or if any of the information is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible.

Sales Tax
6.1. The Apartment Charges are given exclusive of any “Sales Tax” being any sales tax which is levied upon the provision of the Apartment. We will always provide you with details of any Sales Tax you have to pay. For example, in Luxembourg VAT is at 3% for a stay over 28 nights
6.2. We shall notify you if the position regarding Sales Tax alters between the date your Reservation is confirmed by us and the date of your stay at the Apartment. In such circumstances, and if necessary to comply with applicable law, where the Sales Tax (i) has increased, we will require you to pay any additional Sales Tax, (ii) has reduced, we shall refund any overpayment of Sales Tax to you.

7.1. We only accept payment by debit card or credit card or bank transfer. We do not accept payment by any other card method.
7.2. We apply a charge of 2.95% for payment by corporate credit card, which is not refundable in the event of cancellation or amendment of a Reservation.


8.1. You will pay the Apartment Charges in the currency we notify to you during the Reservation process, or such other currency we agree with you in writing.

Information And Assistance
9.1. We may during the Reservation process require certain assistance and information from you, such as your contact details, the number of guests staying, their names and contact details, etc. You agree that you will promptly provide us with all such assistance and information that we may require and in relation to the information that it will be accurate, truthful, complete and up-to-date. Furthermore you agree to notify us immediately if there are any changes to such information.

Data Protection
10.1. Any information you provide to us will be handled in accordance with our Privacy and Cookies Policy detailed on Luxflat.lu
10.2. Where you provide us with information about a third party (including Guests), you confirm that you have their authority to provide such information to us for use in accordance with our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

11.1. We wish to highlight we require Guests to provide photographic identification (e.g. passport) upon check-in to the Apartment.

12.1. In the event a Guest breaches any of these Terms or the Apartment General Policies such a breach will for the purpose of these Terms be considered a breach by you.

13.1. Once your Reservation has been confirmed by us, your right to make a change to your Reservation or to make a cancellation will be subject to:
13.1.1. any rights set out in the Apartment Reservation Confirmation, or indicated to you in writing during the Reservation process

14.1. If you would like to make a cancellation or make any change to your Reservation, please contact us. We will try to make changes to or cancel your Reservation, however, we cannot commit to being able to make any changes or cancellations once a Reservation has been made.

15.1. We will be entitled to terminate our agreement with you and/or your Reservation immediately in the event where:
15.1.1. you fail to pay any sums when they fall due under these Terms;
15.1.2. you (or any Guest(s)) otherwise breach any of these Terms

16.1. Following our termination in accordance with clause 15.1:
16.1.1. you will vacate the Apartment immediately; and
16.1.2. you will procure that any Guest will vacate the Apartment immediately.

Special Requests
17.1. If you make any special requests, we will pass this information to our team but we cannot guarantee that they will be able to satisfy your request.

18.1. Please note that you are not permitted to allow pets (or any other animals) into the Apartments without our prior written approval. If you wish to bring your pet with you to the Apartment, please contact us.
18.2. If we have agreed to you having a pet in the Apartment, you will be required to comply with any additional rules made available. Furthermore, a security deposit will be required which will be refundable at the end of your stay, provided the Apartment has been left in a satisfactory condition. Please also note that an additional cleaning fee will be required on departure and details of these will be provided to you in advance.

Health and Safety
19.1. we cannot and do not provide any warranty or representation in respect of health and safety related matters concerning the Apartments

20.1. We recommend that you and any Guests take out travel insurance cover for your stay at the Apartment, including coverage for your personal possessions.

21.1. You agree to compensate us against all and any loss, damages and costs sustained by us arising out of any breach by you (or any person or people on whose behalf you make a Reservation for or who otherwise use the Apartment)

22.1. We may amend these Terms from time to time and make the revised and updated version available on our Website.
22.2. Where we amend these Terms, any revisions or amendments will not impact upon any Reservations confirmed prior to the date of variation of these Terms, unless required by applicable law.

Entire Agreement
23.1. These Terms will be governed by the laws of Luxembourg.

Contacting Us
24.1. You can contact us by emailing us at info@luxflat.lu or alternatively you can phone us on:
24.1.1. +352 661 555 211 – for our Luxembourg Office

24.2. Our office is open as follows:
24.2.1. Luxembourg office is open Monday to Friday (08:00 – 18:00 Luxembourg time),
24.3. except for public holidays in the relevant locations, during which time these offices will be closed.